Rev. Dr. Roxanne Simone Lord Marcelle is a pastor, inspirational speaker, inventor, entrepreneur and author of five books, the latest being, Financial Freedom by Faith, A Guide to Prosperity. Her workshops on the following topics, Manifest Love & Money; How To Prosper; Making Millions by Faith; How to Be Extraordinary; How to Start a Business With No Money, set people free to live abundant lives and make her a captivating and sought after motivational speaker for all age groups. View her international telecast on the Word Network Sundays at 5:50 pm or YouTube under Rev Simone Lord. A visit  to will inspire you as you discover Rev. Lord’s  “ICAN” Divine Healing Candles, books and motivational videos.

Her corporate background, journalistic and media career has allowed her to meet and greet President Obama, First Lady Michelle Obama and interview many powerful leaders, Pulitzer Prize winners, artists, literary geniuses and thinkers.  


Dr. Lord Marcelle has earned honorary doctorate degrees in Humanities and Ministry and also has a Bachelor of Arts degree from Brooklyn College, New York. Dr. Lord is the recipient of numerous awards from the US Senate, Brooklyn Borough President, Mayor of New York, Council of New York and many more.


She is married and is currently completing a doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine and is a certified health care practitioner.


Contact Dr Lord Marcelle by visiting or or email her at Tel: 888-312-2016

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